Private Limited Company

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Registration of company includes Government Fees and Stamp Duty* *For registration of company in Madhya Pradesh, an additional stamp duty of Rs.7500 will be applicable. For registration of company in Punjab, an additional stamp duty of Rs.10,000 will be applicable. For registration of company in kerala , an additional stamp duty of Rs.3000 will be applicable. NOTE: The no of directors can be increased to 15 and the number of shareholders can be increased to 200.
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  • Name Application
  • Company Registration
  • Bank Current Account
  • GST Registration
  • 2 Digital Signature with e0Mudhra with 2 Years Validity
  • PAN Card
  • TAN Card

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A private limited company is the most prevalent type of company in India and is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Minimum 2 members and 2 Directors are required to register a Private Limited Company. The liability of shareholders in a Private Limited company is limited by certain restrictions. Minimum Rs. 1 Lakh Authorized Capital and Paid-up Capital Rs. 10000 is required for registering a Private Limited Company.

Authorized capital is the value of equity shares that can be issued at maximum by a company.


Paid-up capital is the amount of shares that are issued by the company to the shareholders. 

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